ABOUT Heather K. Rivera

Heather K. Rivera was born in NY. She has managed to break the photographer's mold by learning techniques on her own, and never being formally trained. Her self-taught photography has been regarded as daring, bold, and innovative by others in the photography world. Heather has a keen eye for what other people often see as mundane situations and puts a new twist on the everyday norm. Her conceptual art is often dark, full of emotions and truly makes the viewer rethink their initial reactions.

Heather has studied Philosophy with a specialty in Philosophy through Film, Art and Aesthetics for the past five years. She has been invited to guest lecture at Suffolk County Community College under Dr. Gertrude Postl; regarding "Jean Baudrillard in relation to Art" and "Descartes as he relates to the film Inception". In addition to having her Philosophical discoveries through the media of films published in "Philosophy Now" magazine (Alice and Wonderland a philosophical view and Inception meets Philosophy), she has been invited to deliver papers at professional philosophy conferences (Long Island Philosophical Society) for 4 consecutive years. 

Her photographic work entitled “Hemispheres” was selected to be exhibited at Gallery 1650 in Echo Park, L.A. for their December 2012 “Flower Power” exhibition.

Heather has been selected to exhibit at Tokarska Gallery in London for the February 2013 "CiTies: All Dimensions" Exhibition with her photographic work depicting the streets of Manhattan, NY. 

Heather was selected to exhibit at 1650 Gallery in Echo Park, L.A. in April of 2013 for the "Up Close and Personal 2013" exhibit, with her works "Having a Ball" and "Little Worlds" showcasing her macro photography. 

Global Art League had exhibition from July 20th - Aug 17th, 2013; where Heather had her work featured at The Montreal Art Centre.  The works on display were  "Morning Fix", 'Hemispheres" "The Magical Lemon" and 'The King is Dead, Long Live the King!"

In May of 2014 Heather exhibited with Altered Esthetics for the "Kinetic Aesthetics" Exhibit in Minnesota. 

In October 2017 her work was exhibited in Montreal, Canada at the Montreal Art Center as part of the annual Global Art League show.

1650 Gallery once again, selected Heather in a jury selection to exhibit her work "EAT" as part of the "Best Shot" Exhibit in November 2017. 

As of 2018 Heather is planning a look at America from coast to coast. Forgotten America will feature a photojournalist style view of small towns from Atlantic to Pacific.  


Heather Kolocotrones-Rivera has Exhibited with these artists: 

Nicole Bianco

Ryan Crawley

Marnie Grundman

Roxanna Kibsey


Heather Kolocotrones-Rivera has Exhibited at these venues: 

Juxtaposed Gallery

Mason’s Restuarant/Barre & The Cowles Center 528...

Montreal Art Centre

1650 Gallery

Tokarska Gallery